How to Care for Eyelash Extensions: A Guide for Lash Lovers

You’ve invested time and money in getting those gorgeous eyelash extensions, and now it’s crucial to learn how to care for eyelash extensions properly. Ensuring the longevity and beauty of your lashes doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow this comprehensive guide designed for lash lovers to keep your extensions looking fabulous!

Key Takeaways

  • First 48 hours of eyelash extension application are essential for long-lasting results.
  • Select oil-free and mineral makeup, carefully remove eye makeup with oil free remover, brush & condition daily.
  • Avoid waterproof mascara or cotton balls. Schedule regular refills every 3–4 weeks to maintain extensions’ longevity and appearance.

The First 48 Hours: How To Care For Eyelash Extensions

A woman with beautiful eyelash extensions applied 48 hours ago

Proper bonding and longevity of your semi permanent eyelash extensions hinge on how you care for them in the first 48 hours post-application. Avoid exposure to water, heat, and makeup during this period to prevent damage to your natural lashes and potential detachment of the extension. For instance, getting your eyelash extensions wet may weaken the adhesive bond, causing the lash extension to fall off.

Wait at least 24 hours before you can wear mascara or expose your eyelash extensions to water. The initial 48 hours are a vital period for the lash adhesive to set, so following these aftercare tips will help ensure the longevity and beauty of your extensions.

Choosing the Right Makeup and Removers

A woman applying eye makeup with eyelash extensions

Selecting makeup and removers that won’t compromise the adhesive bond or lead to premature shedding of your lash extensions is vital. Opt for oil-free and mineral-based eye makeup products, as well as oil-free makeup removers to maintain the health and appearance of your extensions.

Avoid using natural oils and waterproof mascara, as they can damage your natural lashes and compromise the adhesive bond. If you must wear mascara or eyeliner, use an oil-free makeup remover and avoid waterproof formulas. It’s crucial to keep your lash line clean and free of makeup buildup to prevent irritation and ensure the longevity of your extensions.

Be cautious when removing eye makeup. Instead of using cotton balls or makeup-removing wipes, which can cause tangling or damage to your extensions, use a gentle, oil-free makeup remover with a cotton bud or a soft, lint-free cloth to remove makeup near your lash line.

Cleaning Your Lash Extensions: Step-by-Step Guide

Clean lash extensions not only ensure their longevity but also contribute to your eye health. Use a gentle lash foaming cleanser specifically designed for extensions to clean your lashes without causing damage. Avoid using cotton pads or an eyelash curler, as they can damage your extensions or cause them to tangle.

Begin by following these steps to clean your lashes:

  1. Wet your lashes
  2. Apply a small amount of cleanser to a clean, soft brush.
  3. Gently brush your lashes in a downward direction away from the lash line, taking care not to rub or scrub the base of your lashes.
  4. After cleansing, gently dab underneath the lashes to remove any excess water.
  5. Allow your lashes to air dry completely before brushing them with a clean spoolie brush.

A consistent cleaning routine helps avoid the accumulation of dirt, dead skin, and oils that can cause irritation and lash mites. Clean your lash extensions at least once a day, or more frequently if you wear heavy eye makeup or engage in activities that cause excessive sweating.

Sleeping Habits for Lash Longevity

A woman sleeping on her back with a silk pillowcase

Good sleeping habits also play an indispensable role in eyelash extension aftercare. Sleeping on your back is the optimal position to minimise contact with your face’s natural oils and preserve your extensions. This position also reduces the risk of rubbing your lashes against the pillow, which can cause friction and potential damage.

To further protect your lash extensions while you sleep, consider:

  • Using a silk or satin pillowcase

  • These materials create less friction compared to traditional cotton pillowcases

  • They can help improve lash extension retention

Making these simple changes to your sleeping habits can significantly impact the longevity and appearance of your extensions, especially when wearing extensions.

Daily Lash Maintenance: Brushing and Conditioning

To maintain the health, strength, and appearance of your lash extensions, regular brushing and conditioning are required. Utilise a fresh spoolie brush to softly comb through your lashes daily, ideally in the morning, to maintain their optimal appearance.

Place the spoolie at your lash line and gently brush downwards when brushing your lashes. This will help coat all of your lashes and create a more uniform look. Be careful not to brush the base of your lashes, as this can loosen the bond between your skin and the lash. If your lashes are wet, allow them to dry or gently dab them dry with a clean towel before brushing.

In addition to daily brushing, applying a conditioning serum can help improve the health and strength of your natural lashes. Conditioning serums contain natural and botanical ingredients that promote density and length, enhancing your natural lashes’ overall health and appearance. Incorporate a conditioning serum into your daily lash care routine for optimal results.

Avoiding Common Lash Extension Mistakes

Being aware of common lash extension mistakes can help you avoid damaging your lashes and ensure their longevity. Some common mistakes include using waterproof makeup, curling extensions with a lash curler, and using cotton balls or makeup-removing wipes. These habits can weaken the adhesive bond, cause tangling, or damage your natural lashes.

If you desire a new, fluffy, perfectly-curled set of eyelash extensions, refrain from using lash curlers and instead book an appointment for a fill-in. Always consult with your lash technician for professional advice and solutions if you encounter any issues with your extensions.

Scheduling Regular Refills for Optimal Results

For maintaining the fullness and appearance of your lash extensions, routine refills are necessary. It’s recommended to schedule routine refills every 3-4 weeks to keep your extensions looking their best and adhere to your salon’s refill policies. Some salon policies regarding eyelash extension refills include charging the full set price if more than 5 weeks have elapsed or if less than 50% of extensions remain.

Regular refill scheduling guarantees that your lashes maintain their fullness and fabulous look.

Lash Extension Aftercare for Active Lifestyles

A woman with eyelash extensions doing yoga, demonstrating how to care for eyelash extensions for active lifestyles.

If you lead an active lifestyle, you may need to make some adjustments to protect your lash extensions. Here are some tips:

  • Wear a headband during workouts to keep sweat away from your lashes

  • Promptly wipe away any perspiration that may come into contact with your extensions

  • Avoid extreme heat and humidity, as these conditions can weaken the lash glue adhesive bond and cause your extensions to shed prematurely.

A few simple modifications to your active lifestyle can significantly enhance the longevity and appearance of your eyelash extensions. Remember to care for eyelash extensions by following the eyelash extensions aftercare tips provided by your lash technician and consult with them if you encounter any issues or have any concerns about your lash extensions.

How to Identify and Address Lash Extension Issues

Learning how to recognise and tackle potential lash extension problems like irritation, shedding, or tangling is crucial. Familiarise yourself with the signs of these problems and consult your lash technician for professional advice and solutions if you encounter any issues with your extensions.

Your lash technician is your best resource for addressing any concerns or problems that may arise with your eyelash extensions. They can offer personalised advice and solutions tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle, ensuring that your lash extensions remain beautiful and healthy.


In summary, proper care and maintenance are essential for the longevity and beauty of your eyelash extensions. By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well-equipped to keep your extensions looking gorgeous and healthy. Remember to consult with your lash technician for professional advice and solutions tailored to your specific needs, and enjoy your stunning lash extensions!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you maintain eyelash extensions?

To maintain eyelash extensions, keep them as dry as possible for 48 hours after application, wash them regularly, use oil-blotting papers, oil-fighting cleansers and moisturizers, avoid swimming, humidity, and sweating, and use lash-friendly makeup. Additionally, applying a lash sealant can help protect the extensions and scheduling regular refills will help ensure they stay looking their best.

How long should I wait before getting my lashes wet after the application?

Wait at least 24 hours before getting your lashes wet after application.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions can last for up to eight weeks with regular re-lashes every two to three weeks, allowing you to maintain them indefinitely.

How do you shower with eyelash extensions?

When showering with eyelash extensions, try to avoid touching them and when using soap, avoid scraping or rubbing near the extensions. Instead, allow the water to run gently over your lash line to remove any accumulated dirt or grime.

How often should you wash your lash extensions?

For optimal results, you should wash your eyelash extensions every 2-3 days. Frequency may depend on your skin type and lifestyle.


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