Feel and look great 24/7 with our permanent makeup services brought to you by our talented and experienced beauty experts at Ruta Beauty.

We offer premier semi permanent make up services that enhances your natural beauty and increase self confidence, so you can wake up every morning feeling good and pretty about yourself without having to put on makeup over and over again.

From perfectly defined eyebrows to captivating eyeliner to beautifully tinted lips, you can bid farewell to daily makeup struggles and embrace the freedom of a flawlessly enhanced look that lasts for years!

If you are looking for the best permanent makeup Poole beauty salon, we are just a phone call away from giving you the best permanent makeup treatments that flatter your features.

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Explore Our Semi Permanent Makeup Poole Services

Whether you wish to have subtle enhancements that look like you’re wearing light makeup or a bolder, more aggressive look, we customise our Poole makeup services according to your preferences and individual style.

Our premier and customisable solutions cater to skin tones and types. Check out our wide array of semi permanent makeup Poole services below, and let us know which one suits you best.

Consultation and Patch Test for Permanent Make-Up (20 min) – FREE

Before we begin with your permanent make up application, we will provide you first with a free consultation to better understand your needs and preferences.

During your personalised consultation, our experts will listen to your requests, answer any questions, and guide you through the process.

If this is your first appointment with us, a patch test will also be necessary to ensure that you won’t be allergic to any ingredient of the makeup we will use.

Powder or Hairstroke Brows for Permanent Eyebrows (3 hours) – £280

Struggling with uneven or sparse eyebrows? Say goodbye to brow pencil and wake up to effortlessly flawless permanent eyebrows that stay with you throughout the day.

With our semi-permanent brow service, your permanent eyebrows are meticulously crafted to perfection.

Whether you prefer the soft and natural effect of powder semi permanent eyebrows or the defined and realistic look of hair stroke permanent brows, our artistic brow technicians will tailor the technique to suit your individual style and facial features.



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Eyeliner with the Flick (Medium) (3 hours) – £280

Add allure and drama to your eyes with a semi-permanent medium-size winged cosmetic eyeliner tattoo. Our experienced artist will expertly apply eyeliner that complements your eye shape, accentuating their natural beauty and making them the focal point of your face.

If you are tired of applying smudge free eyeliner every time you go out, then our semi-permanent eyeliner make up service is perfect for you, providing you with perfectly lined eyes that stay smudge-free, day and night!

Subtle Top or Bottom Lash Line (2 hours) – £280

Our subtle top and bottom lash line service offer a permanent eyeliner beauty treatment to both the top and bottom of your eyes.

Adding a soft, natural-looking enhancement to your lash lines, we can create the illusion of wider, rounder eyes and fuller and more defined lashes.

This subtle touch will beautifully frame your eyes, making them more noticeable and expressive.

Subtle Top and Bottom Lash Line (1.5 hours) – £180

If you are looking for a quick yet effective lash line enhancement, our 1.5-hour subtle top and bottom lash line service is the perfect choice.

Our talented permanent makeup specialist will delicately and gently add a touch of definition to your lash line, subtly accentuating your eyes and giving them a beautiful, natural-looking instant eye lift.

Enjoy the convenience of minimal make up application while maintaining a fresh and radiant appearance.

Eyeshadow or Latino Style Eyeliner (3 hours) – £360

Create beautifully defined eyes and immerse yourself in the charm of Latino-inspired beauty with our eyeliner or eyeshadow Latino-style semi-permanent makeup service.

Depending on your preference, we will tailor the colour and design to perfectly match your unique features and personal taste.

With the dramatic allure we provide, you can be sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet with perfectly applied makeup.

Lip Line – Lip Permanent Makeup Enhancements (2.5 hours) – £280

Tired of lining your lips every time you go out, attend an event, or when you simply want to feel good about yourself?

With our lip line permanent makeup service, you don’t have to do it over and over again. Achieve flawless lips and embrace the beauty of perfectly outlined lips that add symmetry and balance to your facial features.

Our permanent makeup specialist in Poole will take care of this with precision and care.

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Lip Blush (3 hours) – £360

With our premier lip blush permanent makeup service, we will transform your pale lips into a vision of softness, plumpness, and beauty with natural lip shades.

Work with our talented lip artist who will apply a delicate wash of coloured lip shade, creating a subtle yet stunning effect that brings out their fullness and allure. No need to put on lipstick that fades every single time.

Colour Boost after 1 Year (2 hours) – £190

At Ruta Beauty, we recommend that you visit us yearly for a colour boost that will maintain the vibrancy and longevity of your permanent makeup.

We will refresh the colour and definition of your eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips, ensuring that your enhanced features stay radiant and beautiful.

Colour Boost after 2 Years (2 hours) – £220

Should you need to further enhance your permanent makeup after 2 years, we will provide a colour and definition boost to your eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips so that they can remain captivating and long-lasting.

Colour Boost after 3 Years (2.5 hours) – £260

Even after 3 years, we can revive the allure and beauty of your permanent makeup. Our dedicated technician will refresh the colour and definition of your eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips so you can maintain your flawless look without the hassle of your daily makeup routine.

Annual Lash Line Colour Boost (1 hour) – £90

Whether you’re at home or outside, you can keep your eyes looking captivating and stunning with our lash line colour boost service.

By touching up the colour of your lash line, your eyes can stay vibrant and expressive no matter what time of day.


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Need Quality and Reliable Permanent Makeup? Book an Appointment at our Poole Beauty Studio Now!

At Ruta Beauty, we make effortless beauty available and accessible to anyone.

Whether you need semi-permanent tinted eyebrows, more defined lashes, or plumped and coloured permanent lips, we have the artist, tools, and resources to provide you with customised permanent make up services that will enhance your natural beauty and make you feel more confident about yourself.

Wake up to a more beautiful you every day.

Contact us now and book an appointment in our warm and luxurious Poole beauty studio.

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